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AsusSetup Error on startup


Symptom: Once the user logs in, after initial boot up, an error message is displayed with the title "AsusSetup" and the dialog, "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp\165015Log.iniis lost."


Problem: This error occurs on computer with Asus motherboards due to a faulty driver installer.



1.) Click the start button and type "Task Scheduler" pressing Enter when finished. This will open the Task Scheduler tool.

2.) Double-click "Task Scheduler Library" which should expand to show more folders. Click the "Asus" folder.

3.) In the top-middle section there will be a single task with a name similar to AsusSetup.Right-click the task and select Delete. You may now close the Task Scheduler. This will stop the error message from reoccurring.


AsusSetup-Error.png AsusSetup-Error.png

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